How Can You Help Your Participants Get Ready for Retirement?

Workers simply aren’t saving enough on their own, which is why plan sponsors are stepping in to help. While specific plan features certainly help, they’re not going far enough to help close the retirement savings gap that so many American workers face. Offering your plan participants investment advice may help to close this gap.

How Important Are Retirement Benefits to Employees?

A recent Towers Watson study shows that there’s a strong link between employees’ attitudes towards their benefits and their employment choices, as well as how committed and engaged they are with their employer. But how do retirement benefits rank within the overall offering? When the study was presented in 2009, employees ranked the importance of […]

Planning Helps Employees Prepare for Retirement

As a plan administrator, you know firsthand how important retirement readiness is for your workforce. More and more, employees need to save and plan for their retirement on their own. Voya Financial® developed the Voya Retire Ready Index™ and surveyed more than 1,000 workers and 1,000 retirees in order to better understand the traits and activities that lead to being ready for retirement.