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Survey Results Are In!

The ABA Retirement Funds Program (“Program”) surveyed over 3,400 Program firms to gain insights into what services are working for you and where you think the Program could implement enhancements. Thank you to those of you who participated in this year’s client satisfaction survey.  We appreciate both the time you took out of your busy schedule and your relationship with the Program. Here are some key findings:

Based on survey results, in the coming year, we will be working on the ease of use and simplification of the electronic plan administrator guide (“ePAG”) and ease of use of the payroll submissions process.  In addition, we will continue to refine participants’ digital experiences and offer financial wellness services for employees of Program plan sponsors.

As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns please reach out to us at 800.752.6313 or email us at

Source: National Quality Review, Second Quarter 2021

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The Program’s Mailing Address Has Changed

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ABA Retirement Funds Program I P.O. Box 990073 I Hartford, CT 06199


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